Rangeland & You

Rangeland Energy is a good neighbor. We have a deep commitment to the quality of life in the communities where we work.

Our first priority is the safety, health and well-being of local residents and all of our employees. We value the integrity of the land and the environment as well as the vitality of the region's economy, culture, and way of life.

We are dedicated to the highest health and safety standards, local hiring practices, community development and initiatives that minimize our environmental footprint. We partner with government agencies at all levels to adhere to local, state and federal regulations and we begin every project by planning a course of action that considers people, wildlife and the land. We work hard to build long-term relationships with local leaders and landowners that are based on trust, open communication and an understanding of the objectives of every stakeholder.

Citizenship, volunteerism and philanthropy are core values at Rangeland and also woven into the very fabric of the way we live and work. Giving back is a central part of who we are and what we value. We partner with local communities at every level, supporting local hiring practices and giving of our time, talent and funds in support of a broad range of charities and special events.

We welcome all inquiries and applications submitted by mail or fax to:
Rangeland Energy
2150 Town Square Place, Suite 700
Sugar Land, Texas 77479
281.242.6348 Fax

Here are a few guidelines:

  • Your organization should be a 501c (3) in good standing with your Secretary of State.
  • Attach a copy of your tax-exempt letter from the IRS.
  • Please tell us about your mission, including the area served, major accomplishments, Board of Directors and key staff.
  • Describe the project or event that requires funding, the amount requested and the total project budget and timeline.
  • We do not support the government entities that regulate our activities or with whom we have, or are seeking to obtain, contractual, business or financial relationships. We also do not support individuals or families.