Rangeland Energy was formed with equity commitments from EnCap Flatrock Midstream's first fund. EnCap Flatrock brings more than capital to Rangeland. The firm's highly experienced management team has a wealth of experience and expertise in midstream operations and crude oil marketing.

Established in 2008 by Flatrock Energy Advisors, LLC, and EnCap Investments L.P., EnCap Flatrock Midstream manages the EnCap Flatrock Midstream Funds I, II, III and IV, which together have approximately $9 billion in capital commitments from a broad range of prestigious institutional investors. The team at EnCap Flatrock offers a unique set of skills required to effectively meet the capital requirements of the midstream sector: deep industry expertise, significant operating experience, outstanding technical skills, industry recognition and contacts, financial sophistication and a demonstrated track record of successful private equity investing. The firm focuses on providing growth capital to proven midstream management teams.

The EnCap Flatrock Midstream team is led by Dennis Jaggi, Billy Lemmons and Bill Waldrip, who have worked together for virtually all of the past 30 years in the midstream sector of the oil and gas industry. With more than a century of combined midstream experience and 125 prior advisory clients in the sector, they have been directly involved in approximately $17 billion of midstream transactions and investments. Mr. Jaggi and Mr. Waldrip were chief operating officers and division heads of large midstream companies with full operations, profit and loss and capital investment responsibilities. Mr. Lemmons has significant experience originating, structuring, negotiating and overseeing energy investments.