For Landowners

Rangeland works closely with neighbors to minimize impact of construction and operations on traffic, noise levels, buildings, fences, crops, water supplies, soil, vegetation and air and water quality. We restore land as soon as construction is complete, weather permitting. We are committed to the protection of public lands, endangered species and wildlife, and archaeological and historic sites.

Our operations often involve the execution of written agreements and/or easements with landowners, enabling us to safely build and maintain pipeline rights-of-way and other facilities on private property. A right-of-way is a strip of land that contains a pipeline or facility and offers clear access for inspection and maintenance as well as an unobstructed view for ongoing aerial surveillance. Most commonly, a pipeline right-of-way is 75’-100’ wide during construction and reduced to 50’ wide on a post-construction, permanent basis. An easement is a right to make use of another person’s property.

If we seek to locate a pipeline or related facility on or adjacent to your property, we will contact you early in the process while assessing any potential environmental impact. We may ask you for an easement or an option to purchase some of your property to establish rights-of-way for construction and operation of a pipeline or related facilities such as valves and receivers, compressor stations, and subsurface storage fields.

Open communication and full transparency enables us to understand and appreciate the concerns and goals of landowners and any other party that may be impacted by our operations.