Our environmental stewardship program seeks to conserve natural resources, minimize waste and protect the environment. It is at the very center of the way we work. Protecting the environment is a core component of the way we design midstream solutions for our customers and manage all of our facilities. Environmental assessments and compliance audits are a routine part of the way we conduct business. While we are rigorous in our compliance to all federal, state and local environmental regulations, compliance is simply a threshold at Rangeland. We go beyond what is required to do what is right.

We believe that the safe and reliable development and delivery of the nation's abundant natural energy reserves will continue to play a leading role in the transition to an energy-independent economy. We believe that it is possible to develop these reserves in a way that is consistent with maintaining a clean and sustainable environment and the things all Americans value — spacious public lands; healthy and abundant wildlife; well-preserved and accessible historic sites; clean air; and rivers and streams that are free of pollution and toxins.